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Foundation: On 1st March 2004 in Berlin

History and origin:

The enterprise was formed, by a management buy out of the manuracturing and service departments of the rail technology of TRION/ELCON.
Since 1992, TRION developed and produced innovative technologies for the transport technology. E.g. a versatile product range arose in this area: Train driver terminals, ticket machines, schedule information computers, passenger information systems... These products were continued and enlarged by new developments in the automotive area under ELCON mobility. The manufactory and the service sector of train technology were always an independent department within ELCON. ELCON mobility has concentrated on it`s core business as a development service provider (EFKON Germany since 1.6.2005).

Our competence:

Over the years, our team has gained extensive experience from the development at TRION/ELCON from the production to service areas. Efficient purchasing together with years of good relations with our suppliers ensures that we can act fast and flexible. Therefore together with our partners we are able to can offer a very extensive service. Our competence is essentially the production, inspection and measuring technology, as well as the service of complex and sophisticated products. Furthermore the Validation of products is one of our tasks. We accompany and analyse the products from the prototype through the test series up to the maturity series production. The product or system is checked for function and also for it´s suitability for series production and economical feasibility. Another pivot is the versatile service that we offer for our products. Here, we are able to react flexibly and individually to customer requests.

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